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Black Philanthropy Month
Black Nonprofits & Social Justice Organizing
by Faye Wilson Kennedy
Two New Millennial Non-Profits on the Rise
by Kakwasi Somadhi
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August is Black Philanthropy  Month
 Voice to Fuel Change #2017

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM) was created six years ago with the central aim of “informing, involving, inspiring, and investing in Black Philanthropic leadership to strengthen African American and African descent giving in all its forms.” The idea was created by Dr. Jacqueline Copeland-Carson, Tracy Webb, and Valaida Fullwood—all three of whom are very active in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. Perhaps the best way to talk about the need for BPM is to focus on the meaning of “non-profit.” It means to give time, talent and money to endeavors that benefit the community at large. And in that sense, “nonprofit” becomes community profit. It’s cooperative economics, and it’s collective work and responsibility at its finest. 
What does Black Philanthropy mean? It means raising money from among ourselves and our allies, and with those funds, creating strategic plans to strengthen our institutions with services and programs to benefit our communities and families. To be a philanthropist, one does not have to give a lot of money. Small amounts, given consistently over time in the same way one tithes for faith giving, goes a long way toward meeting community needs. How can you get involved in BPM during the month of August and beyond? Here are a few suggestions: 

**Become informed—visit Black Philanthropy Month

**Learn about the black non-profit organizations in this region, their names, mission, vision, and how you can help. 

**Encourage your faith community and social clubs to host activities for BPM and start a giving circle to benefit one or more nonprofit organizations.

**And very importantly, pass along the values of service, volunteerism, and fund raising for social causes to young people.  
Black Non-profits & Social Justice Organizing
by Faye Wilson Kennedy
 I recently attended a working conference in Chicago, and one of the sessions stressed the role of non-profits in addressing social justice issues. This caused me to reflect on Sacramento's rich legacy of Black non-profits.

Local writer and historian, Grace Carter Douglas in her book, The Griot: The Anthology of African Necromancers, outlines the efforts and achievements of Black folks as they organized in the 19th and 20th centuries to provide services and to fight social injustice.We founded mutual aid societies, sororities, fraternities, raised money through giving circles, held rent parties, and in a variety of other ways formed our own social service networks that doubled as organized fighters against social injustice.

Currently, there are many non-profit organizations that focus on social activism and address injustices. A few that have answered this call in the spirit of our ancestors are briefly described here. This gives us the opportunity to step-up to support these organizations with financial support, time, and energy.

Black Parallel School Board (BPSB), was created to act as a voice for students and their parents in their interactions with the Sacramento Unified School District. The mission: advocacy and social justice for students.

Black Lives Matter (BLM), shines a light on police killings of unarmed citizens, and lobbies for accountability of the police and law enforcement to the communities they are to serve. The mission: advocacy and social justice to combat police brutality.

Vision 2000 Educational Foundation (VEF), conducts a summer college prep math and reading academy for public school students, and provides after school tutoring in math, reading, and writing. The mission: advocacy and educational excellence for students.

Roberts Family Development Center (RFDC), provides holistic services centered on children and families. The center provides early childhood activities and parental education that include financial and technological literacy. The mission: advocacy for families and communities.

Yes--in the spirit and words of our ancestors, "we got work to do!" Please support Black non-profits and community-based groups with your time, talent, and treasure.
Two New Millennial Non-profits 
on the Rise
by Kakwasi Somadhi    
Two new millennial non-profits have stepped forward to act on behalf of the community: Project Optimism, Inc, and Black Women United. Several months ago I met Ishmael Pruitt and Armoni Easley, two young men who had just received the determination letter from the IRS letting them know that their organization, Project Optimism, had been granted 501 c 3 status. Then in March 2017, Easley and Pruitt participated in the Black United Fund’s annual non-profit convening. Their mission is to be catalysts for community change. They do this by conducting the Sankofa Project, an evidence-based endeavor which pairs college students or recent college graduates with middle and high school students who are at risk. The mentors interact with the students in a variety of ways to help them develop positive social skills, set goals, develop productive study habits, participate in community service activities, and earn scholarships upon completing the program. 

In addition, the young men have developed a concept they call PI for a Cause (Positive Images), that is the fundraising aspect of their organization. Through this mechanism, they raised over $2,000, which was given in scholarships to a number of students in the 16-week Sankofa Project at their recent formal Black and White Gala. The Gala took place at Sacramento State University. To find out more about ProjectOptimism, Inc, visit the following link:    
Project Optimism, Inc

Black Women United
The Sacramento community is still talking about the Ain’t I a Woman March and Rally held on Saturday, July 15. The event was the brain child of Black Women United, a nonprofit organization. It attracted a crowd of over 2000 people who walked peacefully from Crocker Park to the south steps of the Capitol Building.

Black Women United was founded by Imani Mitchell who describes herself as an activist and womanist. She was moved to act on behalf of the Black community by advocating for the “education, protection, and advancement of Black Women.” This then became the mission of Black Women United. Mitchell, frustrated with the direction of contemporary feminism, gathered a group of like-minded young women to join the cause.

The organization has plans to propel Black women toward the vanguard of the renewed Women’s Liberation Movement and “provide a space for inclusion and sisterhood." The group firmly believes that “before Black women can advance, we must be united, and we cannot allow our religious, sexual, economic, and academic differences to separate us.”To find out more about BWU log into:
Black Women United, Inc.
Sacramento African American Nonprofit Coalition

Sojourner Truth African 
American Art Museum

The 8th Annual Banana Festival will be a four-day event this year. The festival happens at William Land Park August 12-13 and at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds August 18-20. The activities will go from 10:00 AM until 8: 00 PM all four days. The proceeds from the Banana Festival will benefit the National Academic Youth Corp, a subsidiary of Sojourner Truth African American Art Museum. For more informationSacramento Banana Festival

Saccultural Hub Media Foundation

 Save Saturday, October 7, 2017, for the Hub’s 9th annual Exceptional Women of Color Networking Brunch. This year’s event will be held at the Dr.Ephraim Williams Family Life Center located in Oak Park. Purchase tickets on Eventbrite:

Yes2Kollege, Inc

Yes2Kollege conducted a month-long job shadowing activity during July through its Minority Health Professions Mentor Program. The program allows students to observe medical doctors and other health professionals as they go about their work. The organization’s focus on healthy living continues through 
August with the following activities.

Saturday, August 5, Tour of the Ron Kelly Farm with a family picnic on the farm site. 

Saturday, August 12, Ulezi Family Health Fair, at the Oak Park Community Center.

Saturday, August 19, “The Sugars” Diabetes/Obesity Health Summit

Thursday, August 24, showing of film “Soul Food Junkies” at the Brickhouse Art Gallery  2837 36th Street, Sacramento.

Saturday, August 26, 2nd Annual Preserve Our
Legacy: Advancing African Americans in Nursing Conference. RSVP on Eventbrite:
 Preserve Our Legacy

For more information about all of these events, 
contact Sharon Chandler, shabarney@aol.com / 916-230-1631 or Toni Colley Perry at 916-519-9189.
The Black United Fund 2017-2018 Growing Our Own 
Workshop Series
The mission of the Growing Our Own Nonprofit Development Initiative is to build, nurture, and sustain grassroots nonprofits that in turn strengthen communities by becoming integral to local economies and social service networks. Newly formed organizations that successfully complete the start-up phase will be eligible to receive a mini-grant, opportunities for continued support from the program, and opportunities to network with other startup groups. To be eligible, the organization must have attended the following workshops: 
**Starting a Nonprofit
**Board Development
**Grassroots Fundraising.
The organization must also have completed the federal and state processes for becoming a 501 c 3  entity and have received the federal determination letter. The 
mini-grant is awarded once the Black United Fund receives a copy of the letter.

The ABCs of Creating a 501 c 3 Organization 
Saturday, September 16, 2017 * 10:00 AM ~~12:30 PM
Please Register by September 11, 2017

This workshop takes participants through an exercise to develop their mission and vision 
statement and reviews the local, state, and federal requirements for starting and maintaining a nonprofit. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the door.

Developing a Committed Volunteer Board of Directors
Saturday, October 21, 2017 * 10:00 AM ~~12:30 PM 
Please Register by October 11, 2017

This workshop covers board development do’s and don’ts, board responsibilities, challenges, the importance of board training, as well as benefits and rewards of having a strong board. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the door.   

Grassroots Fundraising for Newly Minted Nonprofit Organizations
Saturday, November 11, 2017 * 10:00 AM ~~ 12:30 PM
Please Register by November 2, 2017

This workshop covers 20+ ways to raise steady streams of money while preparing to compete for those much sought after foundation grants. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the door.
Tax Time: Record-Keeping and Tax Reporting for Your Nonprofit
Saturday, January 13, 2018 * 10:00 AM ~~12:30 PM
Please Register by January 5, 2018

Nonprofit organizations must report earnings to the California State Franchise Tax Board, the State Attorney General, and the IRS. Come to this workshop to explore time-saving, accurate ways to track your organization's earnings and expenses, discuss proper tax forms to complete, due dates, what happens if your organization is delinquent, and how to get back into good standing. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the door.

Location for all Workshops 
Fruitridge Community Collaborative *4625 44th Street, Suite 5
Sacramento, CA 95820

Seating is limited: Please register via email: bufsac@sbcglobal.net or call (916) 484-3750. Include your name, phone number, and the date or dates of the workshops you wish to attend.
Black United Fund Upcoming Save-the-Date Events
Keep checking our website and future newsletters for more information about all of these events. 
Black United Fund of Sacramento Valley

Save the Date
Friday, December 29, 2017
the Black United Fund’s 25th Anniversary Celebration & Ancestor Ball
at the Brickhouse Art Gallery
2837 36th Street~~Sacramento, CA 95817
Commemorating 25 years of service

Save the Date  
Sunday, January 21, 2017~~1:00 PM--3:30 PM
The Black United Fund’s 9th Annual MLK Day of Service 
at the Black United Fund office
4104 44th Street~~Sacramento, CA 95820

Save the Date
Saturday, April 7, 2017, 10:00 AM—2:30 PM
the Black United Fund’s  3rd Annual Nonprofit Convening
Watch our Webpage and future newsletters for more information.

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